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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Using MacPorts

From: Josh Blum
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GNU Radio Using MacPorts
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 00:30:20 -0800
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> 2) If GNU Radio is already installed (e.g., by MacPorts), then
> <gruel/*.h> will be picked up as dependencies from the
> already-installed files rather than from the current build.  I work
> around this (at least partially) by modifying the CMake "build.make"
> dependencies to be the correct files (those in the current build).
> I've looked at the build debug output, and it seems OK -- so, I'm
> thinking this is more of a CMake internal issue (in the way it
> determines dependencies) rather than a GNU Radio CMake build script
> issue (in the ordering of dependency directories).  But, maybe not?
> Anyway, thought folks might want to know.  I know I've encountered
> this issue before; it requires that one uninstall GNU Radio, re-do
> the CMake command, and then the build works.

I just recently caught one of these order of include paths in
gr-uhd/swig. Its so easy to accidentally get it in the wrong order. I'd
like to take a look: Can you say what component is pulling in the
installed headers? Is it a specific component, swig module, etc?

Also; There is also a little swig dependency searcher at the bottom of
GrSwig.cmake. I wrote this, and its got its flaws. If you configure,
uninstall some public headers, and try to build, you may get an error
until you reconfigure...



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