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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] LibUSRP vs LibUHD Performance on older machines

From: Marcus D. Leech
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] LibUSRP vs LibUHD Performance on older machines
Date: Sat, 02 Mar 2013 18:25:52 -0500
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Josh thanks so much for the suggestion. 
I left the tb.run() alone, and used the default settings for the uhd_usrp_probe --args call for setting the frame size and number of frames.

I also just changed the buffer size for the usrp_source block by setting the following before the tb.run():

tb.uhd_usrp_source_0.set_max_output_buffer(50000000)  and I was getting overruns still.  I also tried setting it higher to
500000000 and still got overruns within about 10-20 seconds.

Do you have any other quick suggestions?  I just went back to testing on the older gnuradio libusrp 4 channel version and ubuntu 10.04 for longer durations. It gives no overruns up until about 30 minutes of running.  This is at least usable. I wonder if the buffer settings on the older setup is higher then newer one.  I'm not sure how to determine this.

Thanks, -Tom

The frame size and number of frames settings are per-session, so setting them in uhd_usrp_probe will have no effect, as far as I know, on
  future sessions.

Marcus Leech
Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium

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