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[Discuss-gnuradio] Compatible GNU Radio $500 2x2 full duplex MIMO SDR co

From: Martin O'Shield
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Compatible GNU Radio $500 2x2 full duplex MIMO SDR coming to a Kickstarter Shortly
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:14:49 -0500

Hello All,

The following Daughtercardless Software Defined Radio Device will be distributed / manufactured out of Chicago, Illinois USA and will be posted on a Kickstarter Campaign shortly:

Supports: Windows / Linux
8MHz Realtime-IQ Streaming to PC
50MHz RF Bandwidth 
Available: $500 USD

WindyCitySDR received a Patent on March 20, 2013 for this since the PCB layout was drawn from SCRATCH, and will be manufacturing these devices out of Chicago, Illinois USA! 

WindyCitySDR received this device in October of 2012.  November 2012, swapped the 64Mhz Clock for a 52Mhz Clock and have been demonstrating it around Chicago.  WindyCitySDR is working with Akash Kosgi of Bangalore, India.

This device is a:

2x2 full duplex MIMO SDR System housing complete RF and DAQ subsystems on a single board. Its architecture is designed for a true MIMO System. It meets the unique architecture required for MIMO systems which are not part of traditional MIMO hardware’s using common clock for RF subsystems where a continuous RF phase tracking is required. Coupled with these benefits it hosts onboard RF Transceiver subsystems capable of tuning frequencies from 400MHz to 4.4GHz.

All Ettus Research USRP1 Applications works with this daughtercardless SDR device!

Hardware Components:

Altera Cyclone FPGA 12K

Cypress FX2 USB

Quad 12-Bit 64 MSPS ADC

Quad 14-bit 128 MSPS DAC

50MHz Lowpass filters for each channel at baseband

Dual 400MHz to 4.4GHz Quadrature Modulators with fine tuning resolution of 1Hz

Dual 400MHz to 4.4GHz Quadrature De-Modulators with fine tuning resolution of 1Hz

LNA’s, Power amplifiers and attenuaors

Receiver Sensitivity: -115dBm upto 3.8GHz and -95dBm upto 4.4GHz

MAX RF Output Power: 17dBm with upto 25dB Output power control

Receiver Sensitivity: -115dBm upto 3.8GHz and -95dBm upto 4.4GHz

Receiver Noise figure: 6-8 dB

AndroidSDRv1001 is a LiveDVD/USB image to support this SDR device without the Configuration Nightmares, and when connected to appropriate SDR hardware allows for creating "Software Defined Radio GSM Mobile Phone Networks", for example.

This includes Android Studio 0.1.1 Build 130.687321 Environment, as well as contains:  

Asterisk 1.8

GCC 4.6.3

GNU Radio 3.4.2 + GRC

Java 1.7.0_21

OpenBTS 2.8

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32-bit

Pre-Configured to work with Google Voice, Just add your Google Voice Email Address & Password.

You should be able to boot off the LiveDVD / USB image, and create a SDR GSM Network in under 10 minutes cleanly.

***UHD Driver to be implemented next, along with Fairwaves UmTRX UHD Driver,  & PerVices Nectar PCIx Driver.***

If you are within the USA , Part 15 of the FCC Rules & Regs allows for utilizing SDR devices as Test Equipment.

Ettus Research, PerVices, & other Software Defined Radio providers sell their products under the following (Generally Speaking):


The USRP is sold as test equipment. If you choose to use your USRP and daughterboards to transmit using an antenna, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are in compliance with all laws for the country, frequency, and power levels in which the device is used. Additionally, some countries regulate reception in certain frequency bands. Again, it is the responsibility of the user to maintain compliance with all local laws and regulations.  http://www.ettus.com/legal/licensing



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