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[Discuss-gnuradio] Mac build

From: Dan Aldrich
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Mac build
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 14:49:01 -0400

OK, so I was successfully able to build gnu radio. Thanks for the assistance. I 
think forcing wxWidgets back to the previous version made the difference.

Only problem now is links/paths. Can't run gnuradio-companion or uhf_fft.


unknown20c9d0bc732f:~ daldrich$ sudo port -f deactivate wxWidgets-devel 
--->  Deactivating wxWidgets-devel @2.9.5_2+sdl
--->  Unable to deactivate wxWidgets-devel @2.9.5_2+sdl, the following ports 
depend on it:
--->    py27-wxpython-devel @
Warning: Deactivate forced.  Proceeding despite dependencies.
--->  Cleaning wxWidgets-devel

unknown20c9d0bc732f:~ daldrich$ sudo port activate wxWidgets-devel @2.9.4_4+sdl
--->  Computing dependencies for wxWidgets-devel
--->  Activating wxWidgets-devel @2.9.4_4+sdl
--->  Cleaning wxWidgets-devel

unknown20c9d0bc732f:~ daldrich$ port installed | grep wxWidgets
  wxWidgets-devel @2.9.4_4+sdl (active)
  wxWidgets-devel @2.9.5_2+sdl

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