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[Discuss-gnuradio] New Email

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] New Email
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2013 10:32:08 -0400

I have been contracted by Ettus Research to help maintain UHD and GNU Radio on 
Mac OS X, and have new contact email for this position: < address@hidden >.  I 
have (re)subscribed to this list using my new email contact.  If you use any 
version of Mac OS X with UHD and/or GNU Radio, whether installing from binary 
or source, using MacPorts, HomeBrew, Fink, or some other means, and you have 
issues and/or questions, please feel free to contact me at any of my email 
addresses or via this list.  I will reply back from my ettus.com email.  Please 
note that discussions for this specific list should be primarily about GNU 
Radio, but any background dependency issues are also fair game -- though expect 
the discussion to go off-list quickly.  In general, UHD and GNU Radio work well 
on Mac OS X, so this is expected to be very part-time work for me when averaged 
over months.

On my queue right now are three primary items:

(1) In MacPorts, the WX ports are dysfunctional as well as some currently fail 
to build.  I am working with the primary MacPorts developer of these ports to 
resolve this issue as quickly as we can.  He has done most of the work to date, 
with me mostly contributing advice but also a little programming assistance.  I 
have verified that UHD and the various GNU Radio ports work with this new 
setup; it's mostly now a matter of time and some small tweaks before this 
change is merged with the MacPorts trunk.

(2) At least for me, "make test" fails on Mac OS X unless "make install" is 
performed first.  I'm looking into reworking parts of the CMake configure 
scripts to handle testing more robustly.

(3) Mac OS X audio sink and/or source is reportedly not working correctly for 
all sample rates.  I'm looking into reworking parts of the OSX audio sink 
and/or source to handle sample rates more robustly, as well as handle some 
other situations and provide some new features.

I look forward to hearing from Mac OS X users, hopefully mostly your successes 
but also issues if you have any beyond those listed above as well as 
suggestions for other additions into MacPorts to make your life easier. - MLD

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