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[Discuss-gnuradio] Setting FIR Taps to None in C++

From: Luke B
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Setting FIR Taps to None in C++
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 07:28:50 -0400

I am writing a GR C++ program I would like to do a simple rate resampling and I don't need to use any FIR filters. Is there a Null Tap or a pass through filter I could use? Would some form of this work?

upsample_audio = gr_make_rational_resampler_base_fff(44100, 8000, std::vector<float>(1,0));

In python you can simply fill in None for the taps:

self.blks2_rational_resampler_xxx_1 = blks2.rational_resampler_ccc(

Which uses the following code in block2 - I can't figure out what grc.gcd is though or how to call it from C++:

def design_filter(interpolation, decimation, fractional_bw):

    if fractional_bw >= 0.5 or fractional_bw <= 0:
        raise ValueError, "Invalid fractional_bandwidth, must be in (0, 0.5)"

    beta = 5.0
    trans_width = 0.5 - fractional_bw
    mid_transition_band = 0.5 - trans_width/2

    taps = gr.firdes.low_pass(interpolation,                     # gain
                              1,                                 # Fs
                              mid_transition_band/interpolation, # trans mid point
                              trans_width/interpolation,         # transition width
                              beta                               # beta

    return taps

and is called this way:

        if taps is None and fractional_bw is None:
            fractional_bw = 0.4

        d = gru.gcd(interpolation, decimation)
        interpolation = interpolation // d
        decimation = decimation // d

        if taps is None:
            taps = design_filter(interpolation, decimation, fractional_bw)

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