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[Discuss-gnuradio] Radio interoperability

From: Bijendra Singh
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Radio interoperability
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2013 12:58:06 +0530

Hello every one,
I'm working on a college level project to show interoperability between HF and VHF radio using GNU radio.
My aims are listed below:
1)   To obtain FM transmitter and receiver waveform in GNU radio as flowgraph, so that i can communicate between laptop and VHF radio (In my case I'm using radio of the range 30-89.899 MHz)  :- This I have already achieved

2)    To obtain AM transmitter and receiver waveform in GNu radio as flowgraph, so that I can communicate between laptop and HF radio (In my case I'm using a HF radio of the range 3-30 MHz)    :- I was able to download a SSB receiver and it is functional but the noise level is high.

3)   To integrate Fm transmitter with AM receiver, so that one way communicaton is possible from HF radio to VHF radio. :- This I have already achieved, but with too much of noise and low pitch voice.

4)   To integrate AM transmitter with FM receiver so that one way communication is possible from VHF radio to HF radio.  I'm still lackung behind in this.

5)  To integrate both the 3rd and 4rth flowgraphs in a single flowgraph to make Hf and VHF radio interoperable from both sides.

6)  My GNU version is, I'm using two usrp's 1 for the HF with lftx and lfrx daughter boards and the other for VHF with basic trans and basic receive daughter cards.Also I'm using dipole antenna.

&0 Please guide me. I'm here attaching some .grc file I have downloaded, and which are working in my GNU, but noisy( only ssb_rx is noisy and sstx1 is not working)

Attachment: ssb_rx.grc
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Attachment: hf2vhf.grc
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Attachment: fmtxtest.grc
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Attachment: fmrxu.grc
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Attachment: ssbtx1.grc
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