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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gr-fosphor : New RTSA-like visualization block fo

From: Mike Cornelius
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] gr-fosphor : New RTSA-like visualization block for GNURadio using GPU acceleration
Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 18:16:03 +1100

Hi Sylvain,

Nice work, I just gave it a spin here are my results;-

I hit the 'clCreateFromGLTexture' issue when compiling the benchmark tool, not only did I need to comment out the #define but I also needed to turn off -Werror in the makefile.

I get 61msps with a GT9800 on a i7-950 @ 3.06G
Interestingly I find that the benchmark results are erratic for a while and then stabilise as shown below.


 Selected device: GeForce 9800 GT
100 Frames time: 917843 us
BW estimated: 57.121752 Msps
100 Frames time: 1271217 us
BW estimated: 41.242998 Msps
100 Frames time: 3517962 us
BW estimated: 14.903174 Msps
100 Frames time: 2363734 us
BW estimated: 22.180499 Msps
100 Frames time: 2536602 us
BW estimated: 20.668911 Msps
100 Frames time: 861079 us
BW estimated: 60.887329 Msps
100 Frames time: 2259326 us
BW estimated: 23.205505 Msps
100 Frames time: 3436555 us
BW estimated: 15.256209 Msps
100 Frames time: 2754773 us
BW estimated: 19.031986 Msps
100 Frames time: 1651273 us
BW estimated: 31.750534 Msps
100 Frames time: 1034269 us
BW estimated: 50.691648 Msps
100 Frames time: 3286238 us
BW estimated: 15.954048 Msps
100 Frames time: 2911666 us
BW estimated: 18.006461 Msps
100 Frames time: 2699627 us
BW estimated: 19.420757 Msps
100 Frames time: 1940623 us
BW estimated: 27.016479 Msps
100 Frames time: 2265683 us
BW estimated: 23.140395 Msps
100 Frames time: 3601188 us
BW estimated: 14.558751 Msps
100 Frames time: 2266194 us
BW estimated: 23.135177 Msps
100 Frames time: 1710148 us
BW estimated: 30.657464 Msps
100 Frames time: 2172665 us
BW estimated: 24.131102 Msps
100 Frames time: 2452539 us
BW estimated: 21.377356 Msps
100 Frames time: 3127293 us
BW estimated: 16.764915 Msps
100 Frames time: 1545986 us
BW estimated: 33.912856 Msps
100 Frames time: 858462 us
BW estimated: 61.072942 Msps
100 Frames time: 859063 us
BW estimated: 61.030215 Msps
100 Frames time: 864266 us
BW estimated: 60.662805 Msps
100 Frames time: 863003 us
BW estimated: 60.751585 Msps
100 Frames time: 850487 us
BW estimated: 61.645622 Msps
100 Frames time: 854783 us
BW estimated: 61.335801 Msps
100 Frames time: 852875 us
BW estimated: 61.473018 Msps
100 Frames time: 858433 us
BW estimated: 61.075005 Msps
100 Frames time: 859781 us
BW estimated: 60.979249 Msps
100 Frames time: 850237 us
BW estimated: 61.663748 Msps
100 Frames time: 857009 us
BW estimated: 61.176487 Msps
100 Frames time: 854203 us
BW estimated: 61.377448 Msps
100 Frames time: 856246 us
BW estimated: 61.231001 Msps
100 Frames time: 854021 us
BW estimated: 61.390528 Msps
100 Frames time: 853289 us
BW estimated: 61.443192 Msps
100 Frames time: 858114 us
BW estimated: 61.097710 Msps
100 Frames time: 853439 us
BW estimated: 61.432393 Msps
100 Frames time: 857709 us
BW estimated: 61.126559 Msps
100 Frames time: 856152 us
BW estimated: 61.237724 Msps
100 Frames time: 856003 us
BW estimated: 61.248383 Msps



On 27 October 2013 07:23, Sylvain Munaut <address@hidden> wrote:

As some of you know, beginning of this month I presented a new
GNURadio block I wrote that implements a RTSA like spectrum
visualization of the spectrum similar to those found on R&S / Agilent
/ Tek equipement.

I've just pushed the latest version of it on git and this includes a
proper integration with either the WX or QT GUI of gnuradio. And I
thought this would be a good occasion to also make the announce on
this mailing list for those who didn't attend GRC and are not
following the IRC channel.

The home page of the project can be found at
There isn't much information there, but you'll find a few screen shot
of what the display looks like which will hopefully convince you to
try it out for yourself. Believe me it's even better when it moves :)

As the title says, the block relies on GPU acceleration. The
computations are pretty heavy since every single input sample will be
processed (as opposed to the current FFT sinks that just do periodic
snaptshots), thereforce GPU acceleration is pretty much a must to
support the very wideband devices like hackrf/bladerf/b200 ...

More precisely it uses OpenCL and OpenGL and the data sharing
extension between the two (known as CL/GL interop). That means that to
use it, you'll need hardware that supports those and the appropriate
drivers. For OSX that shouldn't be much of an issue if the machine has
a decent GPU. For Linux, you'll need the binary drivers for either AMD
or NVidia. Intel cards on linux most likely won't work. Although the
more recent hardware can handle it, Intel decided to limit OpenCL
support to Windows (and possibly OSX, not sure).

It would be very helpful if you could report success / failure so we
can try to list what hardware is out there and which works / which

For the installation you can grab the sources from git :
It's only compatible with Gnuradio 3.7 and I'm not planning to
backport it, it's about time people update.
You will also needs a few dependencies such as freetype2 and glfw3.
For the latter, make sure to use version 3.x and to build it wit

A MacPort port and a PyBOMB recipe are also in the works and should
soon be available.

Also, you should make sure to use a very recent version of Gnuradio
since some of the required fixes were just merged today. To take
advantage of gr-fosphor from inside osmocom_fft, you'll also want to
update your gr-osmosdr source block and use the -F option when
starting osmocom_fft to enable the WX fosphor widget.

Finally, I'd like to say a big thanks to my fellow osmocom members and
the people on IRC who did a lot of testing on various hardware and
platforms to try to make this release work "out of the box" for as
many people as possible.



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