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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Stable on Linux, many crashes on Windows and OS X

From: Michael Dickens
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Stable on Linux, many crashes on Windows and OS X
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014 09:16:11 -0400

Hi Stefan - OK; well if "make test" worked on OSX for you then the GR install 
is probably good to go.  No guarantees.  If you uninstall your OO-MacPorts GR 
install and use gnuradio-devel, then you will should get the same results (if 
not better).  I'm not sure why you would want an OO-MacPorts GR install unless 
you wanted to change GR itself.

After tweaking "build_osx" for my setup, everything builds nicely.  Running 
"./batmon" I see an empty window and basic menus; nothing else.  I can leave it 
running (in gdb) for a long time without it crashing.  I don't know what to do 
with it otherwise.  I have an Ettus B210 hooked up.

If I select "batmon" -> "About" I see the about box, which when I close crashes 
the executable.  Looking through the code in main.cpp, BatMonFrame::OnAbout 
calls BatMonFrame::StopReceiver, which in turn calls "gr_tb->stop" even though 
gr_tb has not been initialized (I set a breakpoint where it is set, and the 
code does not get there before this call).  Probably best to check gr_tb before 
using it, just in case, in all the methods that call it.  Also, I'm not sure 
why you would stop processing -after- the about box has been closed; maybe 
beforehand makes more sense?

If you let me know what else to test, I'll try that too.  Otherwise, without 
actual functionality the basic GUI seems to "work". - MLD
Michael Dickens, OSX Programmer
Ettus Research Technical Support
Email: address@hidden
Web: http://www.ettus.com

On Aug 3, 2014, at 12:00 AM, Stefan Oltmanns <address@hidden> wrote:
> thank you very much for your help. I´ve attached the program in it´s
> current state (messy pre-alpha code) to this mail. It´s a GUI
> application (wxWidgets). On my system it compiles with build_osx (it´s
> just one line and probably won´t work without editing on other systems).
> After program is started: File->Open Transmitter Configuration and
> select example.csv, GNURadio is started and in a timer loop frequency
> will be changed for source and Frequency Xlating filter. On Linux I
> tested it for about two hours and no crash.
> Of course there could also be something wrong with my program and on
> Linux it just doesn´t cause any problem.
> It uses OsmoSDR source, so other devices should work as well. Note that
> sample rate is currently hardcoded in the source (2,4 MHz).
> I did run make test on OS X and it completed with 100% pass.

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