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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD 3.8.0] Release Announcement

From: Rick Farina
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD 3.8.0] Release Announcement
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 10:35:56 -0400
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On 10/28/2014 07:58 AM, Martin Braun wrote:
> Hello lists,
> at this point, we are releasing our UHD version 3.8.0. There were some
> minor changes since the release candidate, but mainly regarding
> documentation, the Boost version and minor build fixes to make sure UHD
> works on all platforms.
> You can get this release by either pulling master branch, or checking
> out the release's tag:
> https://github.com/EttusResearch/uhd/tree/release-003_008_000
> If you haven't pulled master for a while, it will be a huge diff (might
> take a bit, don't worry). A couple of notes on this release:
> - We have reorganized the firmware and fpga subdirectories. The former
> was simply moved around, but the latter is now a git submodule. Run 'git
> submodule init' and 'git submodule update' if you want to read and
> change the fppga source code. As a result, the source tarballs will be
> much smaller.

I'm trying to update gentoo but I don't actually see an update for the
firmware images here:


I only see rc1.  Also of note, typically releases are always put into
archive/ at the same time so we have a link that will be valid for the
longer term.

Please advise.


> - B200 updates: We've fixed the issue with B200 rapidly losing
> connection on some devices (this particular issue never existed on
> maint, but for a while it was in master). The reason was the version of
> the SDK we used to compile the firmware. Altogether, B200 initialization
> is now much faster.
> - E310: This release includes support for our upcoming embedded device.
> News on the actual device will follow in the near future, so please be
> patient.
> - CMake improvements: Among some fixes, we now distribute a
> UHDConfig.cmake file which you can use to more easily build applications
> linking to UHD. We provide an example on how to do that in
> host/examples/init_usrp/.
> We will be resetting maint branch to master soon. From then on, the
> development will happen as usual:
> - All bug fixes go into maint. This branch can be considered 'stable'.
> - New features etc. go into master. This branch should be considered
> 'unstable'.
> Binary installers will follow this week.
> More features and products are coming up!
> Cheers,
> Martin
> ## Changelog for 3.8.0
> * Added E310 support
> * B200/B210: Moved AD9361 controls from firmware to host
> * Added several tools: ZPU dissector, improved CHDR dissector,
>   kitchen sink, B200/B210 USB debugging utility, latency
>   measurement tool.
> * Reorganized firmware/ directory structure. Refactored some
>   firmware.
> * Removed FPGA sources, is now in own repository (submoduled).
> * Cleaned up command line arguments for some tools
> * Added math namespace, plus a unified float comparison infrastructure
> * Fixed tuning-related bugs
> * Moved manual over to Doxygen, also several manual bug fixes and
>   amendments
> * Added many missing virtual destructors (less build warnings)
> * Added support for NI-RIO 14.0
> * X300 fixes: Not found over PCIe with no eth interfaces
> * CMake improvements: Now comes with own UHDConfig.cmake and example
>   to build standalone UHD apps, build fixes on Apple, interoperability
>   with GNU Radio
> * OctoClock fixes and improvements: Ethernet initialization, external
>   ref detection, stability fixes, host driver (UHD can now talk to
>   OctoClock)
> * Examples: Improved GPIO example, rx_samples_to_file
> * Bumped minimum Boost version to 1.46
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