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[Discuss-gnuradio] HeirBlock2 Lock/Unlock breaks WavSink

From: Luke Berndt
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] HeirBlock2 Lock/Unlock breaks WavSink
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 08:38:32 -0500

Short story - doing a Lock/Unlock on a HeirBlock2 to reconfigure its internal flow graph stops a WavFile_Sink that is in it until a new wav file is opened. It doesn’t affect any File_Sinks that are in the graph. If there are multiple instances of the HeirBlock2 running, it will stop the WavFile_Sink running in all the instances. This didn’t happen in 3.6, but started in 3.7. I have an extremely simplified sample program that demonstrates the problem: https://github.com/robotastic/multi-wav

Long Story - I am recording multiple audio channels from my SDR to capture my local fire departments radio system. I have to add and remove multiple recorders at different freq offsets to catch the different transmissions as the start and stop. To do that I have a bunch of HeirBlock2 based graphs that I attach to the source. When they are not being used I lock the block and connect the block source to a null sink. When they are needed, I connect all the internal blocks together and tune the xlating offset.

The sample program I wrote shows this. It starts up 6 recording blocks. After 10 seconds it will randomly lock/unlock one of the recording blocks. You will see that all of the WavFile_Sinks in each instance of the block stops recording. However the file_sinks that are attached inside the Block keep on recording fine. You will see the raw file size continue to grow and the wav file size stop.

The sample program is in C++. You should be able to download, do ‘cmake .’ and then ‘make’ and then ‘./multi-wav’  Then look in the ‘recordings’ directory.

It seems like there is a problem with GnuRadio and HeirBlock Locking in 3.7…. or wavfile_sink. Also possible I did something really dumb. Any thoughts?

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