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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Copying OOT blocks to a different system

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Copying OOT blocks to a different system
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 2015 15:04:05 +0200
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Hi John,

you shouldn't use gr_modtool to create a new module on your destination
system -- just take your OOT's folder, and copy it over to the
destination system, deleting/omitting your build folder. Then rebuild
and install -- CMake should make sure to find all the libraries on the
destination system itself.

In fact, OOTs were designed to be self-contained and transportable like
this -- which is what tools like pybombs rely on: you can just copy/git
clone the OOT directory tree, mkdir build, cd build, cmake .., make and
make install and be set.


On 03/31/2015 02:55 PM, Murphy, John wrote:
> Hello again GNU Radio'ers,
> We are trying to copy an OOT module with custom C++ blocks from one
> system to another. We've done this successfully before where the
> systems were nearly exact copies, but now we are trying to do this
> between systems that are different, in this particular case the source
> is a Fedora system and the destination is a VM LinuxMint system. The
> source system, and I believe the destination system, were installed
> using build-gnuradio.
> The essentials of the procedure have been to use gr_modtool to
> generate a dummy module and block on the destination system, copy the
> required source files, and build and install.
> Well... we are getting the "AttributeError: module 'mymodulename' has
> no attribute 'myblockname'."
> We've hacked through all the stuff we could think of (ldconfig,
> PYTHONPATH, /etc/ld/so.conf.d, config.conf), and have not found
> anything that looks wrong to us.
> Oddly, when the build was done before we added what should have been a
> required item in the module cmake to use FFT, the make did not
> generate an error as I would think it should. But when we purposely
> garbled a line of code to check, it did indeed generate an error.
> Any idea what this could be?
> Also, is there somewhere an outline of how to go about this
> module/block copy process?
> Thanks again,
> - John
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