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[Discuss-gnuradio] Bit rate of source and output of PSK demod

From: Haaris
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] Bit rate of source and output of PSK demod
Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2015 01:21:11 -0800

Hi everyone
Can we set the bit rate of a source e.g random or vector source to a specific value?
If we cannot set it to a specific value then how to even know the bit rate of e.g a random source?
I connected a random source to unpacked to packed with 8 bits per chunk
Which means that the bytes generated will be 0000001 or 00000000.
Then i connected the output of unpacked to packed to uchar to float and connected a scope at the end.
Whenever I try to read the bit rate from scope it somehow comes out to be equal to sampling rate.
This bit rate does not matches the output symbols of a QPSK mod if i keep samples/sym=8 and sampling rate of that scope equal to samp_rate*8 because i calculated the bitrate to be equal to sampling rate.
So, what is going on?
The other question is that what is on the output type of the PSK demod or what do we get at the output of psk demod? (i know it should be the actual data sent in the PSK mod)
I have tried almost everyway to write the output of PSK demod on a file through file sink but it always ends out to be junk.(Connecting a file source and file sink directly writes the file just fine)
I have tried unpacking and packing bits of the output of PSK demod.
I have also tried unbuffered on and off of the file sink.(repeat is on in the source)
Can someone please highlight my mistakes.

timothee answered the bit rate question but i was not able to make sense out of that answer.

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