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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Help required for tunnel.py with two USRPs

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] Help required for tunnel.py with two USRPs
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 14:58:37 +0100
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The UHD you're using is 3.5.5. That is much older than the B200, so this
can't work. You will have to use a newer version of UHD, then re-compile
GNU Radio to work with that, and then try again.

I presume you installed UHD and GNU Radio through your Linux Distro's
package manager? (Guessing from the version, that's Ubuntu 14.04? If
that's the case, I'd recommend getting something newer.)
Please uninstall the uhd, libuhd, libuhd-host, libuhd003-devel packages
(however they are named on your system) and the gnuradio package, before
installing newer versions manually.

There's tools to help you with that!

Best regards,

On 03/03/2016 02:53 PM, Henning Bredenberg wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm trying to simulate a communication system with GNU-Radio. First of
> all, i have to check if "tunnel.py" is still up to date in my version
> of GNU-Radio. The Aim is to use a TAP-device for the simulation of
> sending and receiving data.
> After connecting two USRP B200 via USB to the pc, the command
> "sudo python tunnel.py -f 560e6 -r 0.1e6 --rx-gain=20 --tx-gain=20 -m
> gmsk -p 2 --omega-relative-limit=0.00 5 --gain-mu=0.175 --mu=0.5"
> is given for some exemplarily parameters. The response
> "linux; GNU C++ version 4.8.2; Boost_105400; UHD_003.005.005-0-unknown"
> makes me asking, why the UHD is "unknown" (uhd_find_device shows the
> two USRP connected). Adding the Address (-a serial=F5EA56) leads to
> "RuntimeError: LookupError: KeyError: No devices found for ----->
> Device Address:
>     serial: F5EA5"
> How can i fix that? Maybe there is another option to check if
> "tunnel.py" is still up to date (or maybe u got some generally advices)?
> The second step should be to give the TAP-device an address (sudo
> ifconfig gr0 ...), what shouldn't be a problem then.
> I'm a bloody beginner, so please be lenient. Thanks!
> best regards,
> Henning
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