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[Discuss-gnuradio] GSoC 2016 - Improve and Integrate PyBOMBS & CGRAN

From: Ravi Sharan
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] GSoC 2016 - Improve and Integrate PyBOMBS & CGRAN
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2016 16:10:15 +0530


I am Ravi Sharan, currently pursuing MTech from IIT Hyderabad. I am looking forward to participate in GSoC 2016 by improving and integrating CGRAN and the newer PyBOMBS. I have earlier worked on redesigning the current version of CGRAN with the help of Nathan West. Here's a brief description of things I would like to contribute to the GNU Radio project:

- Qt based GUI app store - 
Develop a simple, usable Qt based GUI app store to install GNU Radio and OOT modules. This sub-idea covers fixing the existing bugs in new PyBOMBS as well.

- Integrate PyBOMBS & CGRAN - Enable installing OOT modules from CGRAN site
This is an idea which Martin Braun put forward during the initial discussions while developing the CGRAN 2.0. The idea is similar to Ubuntu's AptURL, where you can install the packages from a web browser. Clicking the 'apt' (#pun) URL, the browser redirects to the package manager to install the package.

- Enhance CGRAN  - (from current level to level awesome?) 
I intend to implement this sub-idea in two-fold - 
* Add features like clickable tags and grouping the OOT Modules (to name a few) etc., according to their functionality for better usability of the site. [Code Contributions]
* Since the relaunch of CGRAN in April 2015, very few OOT Modules have surfaced on the site. I would like to add more documentation to the individual modules (like what works and what doesn't, compatibility with the current GNU Radio API, etc.,), thus populating CGRAN with modules listed out on the site. This idea is more of documentation, but is a little time consuming.

I will document the above mentioned ideas in the form of proposal based on the feedback I receive and would like to work with Martin Braun and Nathan West during the GSoC period. Apart from the ideas listed above, I am open for suggestions on what could make a good proposal and better summer of coding.

Ravi Sharan B A G

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