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[Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD] Announcing Release Candidate 1

From: Michael West
Subject: [Discuss-gnuradio] [UHD] Announcing Release Candidate 1
Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2018 13:34:55 -0700

The release candidate of UHD version has been tagged and is available for testing. This is a patch release for the UHD-3.13 branch, mainly affecting N3xx, X3xx, and B2xx devices.  This release is API and ABI compatible with

The tag for this release:

There have been 40 commits since the release which can be viewed here:


* N3xx: Enable setting clock and time sources at runtime
* X300: Improve firmware compat error message
* X300: Updated niusrprio driver
* B2xx: Fix values of MASK_GPIO_SHDN_SW and GPIO_AUX_PWR_ON in firmware
* B2xx: Revert changes to DSP core to fix scaling factor adjustment
* TwinRX: enable ch1 lo amps if ch2 is using an external lo source
* TwinRX: Correctly initialize antenna mapping on X300
* UHD: Define UHD_API as empty string when building static lib
* UHD: Changed to 'all_matching' endpoint resolution for udp_simple transport
* RFNoC: Improved flushing mechanism in noc_shell and dma_fifo
* MPM: Add Git hash, version to device info
* MPM: Reset the RPC server upon reload
* MPM: TDC: Update PDAC BIST and flatness test to use latest APIs
* MPM: Fix handling of 0-valued dt-compat
* Python API: Enable Python API on Windows
* Python API: Change .dll to .pyd for Win32
* Python API: Fixing Boost.Python initializer visibility
* Python API: Fix duration of benchmark rate
* Utils: Fix uhd_images_downloader to properly refetch when upgrading/downgrading
* Utils: Added logging for case of no targets selected in uhd_images_downloader
* Examples: Removed some legacy code patterns from RFNoC examples
* Examples: Fix channel argument for rx_samples_to_file
* Test: Add more env vars, make Py3k compatible
* Test: Add multi_usrp_test.py to devtest
* Test:  Clean up, refactor, and improve devtest
* Docs: Add clock_source and time_source to n3xx argument list and fix WR clock_source call
* Docs: Minor tweaks to the Python API manual page


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