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Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GSoC Proposal Review

From: Derek Kozel
Subject: Re: [Discuss-gnuradio] GSoC Proposal Review
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2019 14:34:42 +0100
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Hi Tucker,

Thanks for posting your proposal! It's looking really promising at this point and I have a few direct comments and then some comments that you can take or leave.

In your deliverables section you include the high level objectives of a memory polynomial model, an indirect learning system, and a direct learning system. I think that while implementing and using those you'll find there's a need to visualize the model, the learning system state and performance, etc. Can you think about that for a bit and add in some high level thoughts about what utilities or other additions to GNU Radio would make sense?

Testing is also an important part of the module, both during your development and for future users to try it. Do you have any thoughts about how to do simulated tests? Do you have SDRs that you would be able to run this with for hardware in the loop tests? Either way, please add something to your proposal since we'll need a way of verifying that stuff works!

In your timeline section, can you add in the GSoC dates from their timeline and particularly make sure that you keep the three evaluations in mind. It's important to be both realistic and clear about what you plan to have done at each point. Everyone here knows how software development goes, so the evaluations have that in mind, but it's really valuable to plan for each one.

Here's the more day dreaming bit from me. Crest Factor Reduction is very frequently used along with DPD to provide a balance in overall system performance. Some of the algorithms are straightforward and could make good stretch goals. If not CFR, then it would be good to think of some other extensions or enhancements to the DPD work in the deliverables and include them as optional work at the end.

Overall, your proposal looks good. We'll be evaluating all the submissions starting next week and the accepted proposals are announced May 6th. Between now and then though I hope you'll join us in the chat room, try out GNU Radio more, and ask questions on the list.


On 05/04/2019 01:17, Tucker Reinhardt wrote:
Hello all,

My name is Tucker Reinhardt I introduced myself a couple weeks ago.

Sorry for running up to the deadline but with finals coming around it's is a busy time, but I still really hope to work on GNU Radio over the summer as part of Google Summer of Code.

Here is the link to a my current proposal draft that I written, any feedback would be greatly appreciated and used to tune my memory polynomial (ha)

Thanks ,


Tucker Reinhardt - Class of '21
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
cell       (832) 465-0245

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