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Using other blocks inside OOT

From: Desmond Fenfe
Subject: Using other blocks inside OOT
Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2020 10:20:07 +0200

Hi all, 

I'm trying to demodulate a GFSK signal in a very noisy environment, I'd like to extract packets and pack their bits together with the corresponding original I/Q signal items in a single message.

I wrote a module that detect bursts that has no significant power variation (clean packets) and sends them as messages. 

Now I'd like to take each message, demod it using the GFSK block which I've tested that it work successfully on stream, run sanity on the bits (preamble, trailer, FEC) and if the packet is good, send a new message with the bits and the original I/Q signal to the next block for further processing.

1. What will be the best way to do it in a flow-graph?
2. Is it possible to reuse code from other blocks directly/imperatively without connecting the block into a flow-graph?


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