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LimeSDR Mini with gr-gsm

From: SG
Subject: LimeSDR Mini with gr-gsm
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2020 11:46:23 +0530
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I am trying to use grgsm_scanner (https://gitlab.com/myriadrf/gr-gsm) with LimeSDR Mini for scanning and identifying the GSM frequency present and then live monitoring using grgsm_livemon for my project. I am running this in a loop where grgsm_scanner is called for identifying the present frequencies and then these frequencies are live monitored individually in a loop for 30 sec each by calling grgsm_livemon. This code is suppose to be exited from the terminal providing continuous scanning and monitoring unless interrupted. However, this loop is terminated after couple of iterations giving one of the following errors:
  •  RuntimeError: boost::thread_resource_error: Resource temporarily unavailable
  • gr::vmcircbuf_sysv_shm:shmget(2): No space left on device

        gr::buffer::allocate buffer: failed to allocate buffer of size 64KB

I have also tried setting kernel.shmmni=32000 which is suggested in the code but in vain.

Are these errors related to each other? I am unable to resolve these errors for my code requiring continuous scanning and monitoring. Could anyone point me in right direction.

Thanks and Regards

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