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Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware

From: sampath ranga
Subject: Re: About the transceiver and sending packets to / from a hardware
Date: Sat, 15 Feb 2020 14:15:19 -0600

Hello Everyone,

    1. I was trying for the past few weeks to make the Zigbee Trx communicate with the other Zigbee hardware for implementation verification . I am not using TelOS b mote with COntiki Firmware instead i am using a Zigbee dongle as a hardware to make the communication work . My question is why is the flowgraph restricting only to hear the "hello world" message but not the message from other hardware? If my SDR could operate at 2.4GHz in air , the transceiver block should not only hear the "GNU Radio Transmitted message but also from the other hardware isnt it? The other hardware is also not receiving the GNU Radio's message. 
  2. Is the Rime stack / MAC layer that fixes frames stopping the other hardware to send or receive?
  3. I am also trying the same Zigbee Trx in 2 laptops, the message that i set in laptop 1 at GNU Radio Zigbee TRX has been received in wireshark at laptop 1 and laptop 2 message at laptop 2 , Why are not they syncing with each other if i give same destination or pan id with channel number? 

Technically i am trying to do 2 work , Either have two laptop that has each flowgraph with 2 different message and wanna see if they both are transferring their message at wireshark, which is right now not happening
secondly , trying to transmit Zigbee Trx basti's message to a seperate zigbee hardware (Xbee or any zigbee sniffer) or send message from Xbee and trying to receiving in on Wireshark at the GNU Radio end

I also face the issue of when i transceive the message its showing "Bad FCS"  and also the packet flow is getting stopped when i open the wireshark . Please throw some ideas on this . 

Thanks and regards,
Ranganathan Sampathkumar

On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 4:39 PM Müller, Marcus (CEL) <address@hidden> wrote:
It's great that you posted here! I was thanking you for that! Welcome
to the community!

On Fri, 2020-02-14 at 16:37 -0600, sampath ranga wrote:
> Hello Mr.Marcus Muller ,
>    I totally understand and i apologize for not asking my question in public . I am new to this forum . I have been working on gnu radio for some time and just came to know about this platform that does discussion . So I just got an idea of how to subscribe and how to post the questions. I am totally sorry if something is wrong . Yes i will see through the reply you sent and try to work on it and will get you back soon
> Thanks and regards ,
> Ranganathan Sampathkumar
> On Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 4:31 PM Müller, Marcus (CEL) <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi!
> >
> > On Fri, 2020-02-14 at 14:57 -0600, sampath ranga wrote:
> > > How are you? I am Ranganathan Sampathkumar, one of the research students who gave request to you through Linkedin a few days ago.
> >
> > I'd respectfully like to point out that as an author and maintainer of
> > open source software, it's often a very time-consuming task to read the
> > private messages asking for advice about one's projects. Knowing the
> > less-than-amusing messages that show up on the issues on Basti's
> > software projects, I think it what reaches him in private actually be a
> > really bad burden for him.
> >
> > It's really much better that you wrote here to the mailing list; in
> > general, unless it's really something that *must* be done in privacy,
> > it's polite to use the public platforms of open source projects and
> > communities. Thanks for reaching out in this public way!
> >
> > > 1. Is the implementation verification can only be done with TelosB mote with contiki firmware?
> >
> > Haven't played with in a while, but gr-ieee802-15-4 is at least as far
> > as I know a standards-compliant implementation: If you configure it in
> > a standards-compliant way, it simply "speaks" zigbee.
> >
> > > Can we use other Zigbee hardware to sniff the message?
> >
> > Yes?
> >
> > >  When i tried to do that i can transceive the message successfully in Wireshark
> >
> > with what did you try? Notice that the Wireshark dissector might not
> > like the packet format of all capture devices.
> >
> > >  2. Or if i do in reverse, say for example if i try to send a message
> > > from other Zigbee device to the GNU Radio that has transceiver code
> > > with .pcap file, I am seeing the "packets that has been sent from the
> > > transceiver in .pcap file at Wireshark  but the .pcap file doesnot
> > > have the message from the other hardware device".
> >
> > There's different 802.15.4 PHYs, make sure you're using the same, and
> > appropriately configured, for your other device. There's more that can
> > go wrong here than can go right – employ your signal processing
> > knowledge and the Qt GUI sinks to inspect what you're receiving while
> > you are receiving it.
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Marcus

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