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GSoC 2020: gr-dpd - New BlogPost for Week 7

From: Alekh
Subject: GSoC 2020: gr-dpd - New BlogPost for Week 7
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2020 03:29:24 +0530
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Hello GNURadio Community!!

The new blogpost for this cool week is now up on my blog.

Major Week highlights are as follows:

- Updated GRC files: IO port labels for some blocks to improve clarity in connections.

- Adding the feature to update the GMP and MP model coefficients in the GRC block parameters at runtime.

- Updated Example flowgraphs.

A good improvement after some bug fixes is that RLS implementation now works as expected for an ideal PA, i.e., no predistortion.

Upcoming Week tasks are:

- Merging of the commits of alekh_gr branch broadly related to shifting from message to stream ports in the master.

- Working on more accurate testing of the RLS algorithm and some characteristics parameters for the performance evaluation.

- Working on some other DPD algorithms as LMS algorithm.

And an important event that has happened this week is the First Evaluation of GSoC 2020 which was quite successful. Thanks to my mentors, special mention to Derek Kozel whose feedback and consistent guidance has helped a lot to this project and to me in improving my contributions.


Alekh Gupta

NIT Hamirpur

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