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volk and alignment

From: Thomas Habets
Subject: volk and alignment
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2020 10:28:09 +0100

While doing https://github.com/gnuradio/gnuradio/pull/3619 it occurred to me that some dynamic volk_malloc (volk::vector<>) should be doable as stack allocations. There's nothing magic about the allocations, they're just aligned.

Is there a maximum size that volk_get_alignment could return, a size that's reasonable?

The reason I ask is that if it's "yes: 64", then calling code would be cleaner when all it needs is a temporary but aligned space.

could skip the d_output member, and instead just have local variable `alignas(64) float tmp;`.

typedef struct me_s {
 char name[]      = { "Thomas Habets" };
 char email[]     = { "thomas@habets.se" };
 char kernel[]    = { "Linux" };
 char *pgpKey[]   = { "http://www.habets.pp.se/pubkey.txt" };
 char pgp[] = { "9907 8698 8A24 F52F 1C2E  87F6 39A4 9EEA 460A 0169" };
 char coolcmd[]   = { "echo '. ./_&. ./_'>_;. ./_" };
} me_t;

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