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Problem validating proper CCSDS 27 encoder/decoder operation

From: George Edwards
Subject: Problem validating proper CCSDS 27 encoder/decoder operation
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2020 16:53:12 -0600


I am trying to validate the correct CCSDS 27 encoder/decoder operation and put together the following configuration model:
1. A Random Source generator. generates data byte as the input to the CCSDS 27 encoder.
2. The CCSDS 27 encoder output is in byte, but the CCSDS 27 decoder input takes a float. So I use a "Uchar to Float" to connect the CCSDS encoder output to the CCSDS decoder input.
3. Then, I connect binary sinks to collect the Random Source output and the output data from the CCSDS 27 decoder which outputs data in bytes.

I compare the output of the two data sinks converted to uint8 and they are not the same even if I put in a time delay.
I will appreciate any help I can get in my attempt to validate proper encoder/decoder functionality.

Thank you!


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