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Creating synchronized USRP source block

From: Marcin Wachowiak
Subject: Creating synchronized USRP source block
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2020 11:50:45 +0200

I am trying to create a synchronized usrp source block in gnu radio consisting of multiple B210 USRP devices. Lang: C++.

From what I have found I need to:
The problem is how should I insert these timed commands and set time_spec of stream in GNU radio block or gr-uhd libs?

I looked into the gr-uhd folder where the sink/source code resided and found functions that could be altered.
Unfortunately I don't know how to copy or export this library to do these modifications and later compile to  insert my custom blocks to GNU Radio, because gr-uhd seems to be built in and compiled at GR installation.
I attempted coping and then making the lib but that's not the way - it didn't succeed. Should I add my own source block via gr_modtool and insert only the commands I need?
Compatibility with uhd and its functions apart from just adding a few lines would be advantageous not to write the source from scratch.

Please advise,
Kind Regards,
Marcin Wachowiak

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