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Re: how to run gdb with gnuradio 3.8 ?

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: Re: how to run gdb with gnuradio 3.8 ?
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2020 11:19:19 +0200
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Hi Marcus, Hi Jeff,

Marcus: Shoo! bad troll!

Jeff: Bit problematic is that the terminal display in GRC is not really that interactive. Also, I think when debugging the itsy bitsy windowlet won't make you that happy. What I could well imagine is that we do something like run the python process in the terminal right up to the entry point, then tell a GDB in an external window to attach to that proces. That would be nicer, probably.


On 01/09/2020 01.59, Marcus D. Leech wrote:
On 08/31/2020 07:34 PM, Jeff Long wrote:
If the console window in GRC were interactive, then you could debug right there, using gdb as the interpreter. I spent a grand total of 5 minutes looking into this, so maybe this is already possible. There's no particular advantage to doing it this way, though, since we assume that the user is fairly advanced if they're debugging an OOT ... the usual reason for not wanting to leave the GRC environment doesn't apply.

If you're a developer and the thought of popping out to an ordinary command-line frightens you, you must be a Visual Studio user :) :)

[I'll, ahem, go back to my troll cave].

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