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GNU Radio Conference 2020 – Online, Free and Starting Monday, 2020-09-14

From: Marcus Müller
Subject: GNU Radio Conference 2020 – Online, Free and Starting Monday, 2020-09-14
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 22:04:56 +0200
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Dear most social SDR community to ever peruse the aethers,

Monday GRCon'2020 kicks off. That seems almost unreal – usually I'd be
stumbling around jetlagged after travelling to the US for GRCon, but due
to epidemic reasons, this year's GRCon happens online, streamed live.

So, how do you participate? Read the full participant's guide [1]!
And: bask in our schedule [2].

Because I know not everyone likes clicking links, I'd like to give a few
key points that most of you might care about in this email already:

# Streaming

Every day has its own stream URL, these are [3]

# Participation instead of passive consumption

This is not a TV show. It lives from interaction.
You will be encouraged to ask questions and discuss the talks while the
thing is happening. Sadly, unlike in-person GRCon's, we don't have
hallways with delicious food and coffee for that, so instead we have a
chat server with several specific channels.

You'll want to join the +grcon community on the gnuradio.org Matrix
server. It's all not very hard, and you can sign up under [4];
afterwards, navigating to the +grcon community [5] will lead you to all
the channels that will be used for GRCon discussions – you'll mainly
want to join #grcon-discuss for general discussion ("hey, how you've
been?") and #grcon-talks (discussion and Q&A for talks).

Because it's so crucial people are able to communicate (ha! Who would
know better than SDR people?), we have a video tutorial [6].

# Time Zones

The Conference starts at 10:00am EDT, that is the time zone of e.g. New
York. That's, to pick a few locations,

* 02:00 in Wellington (next morning)
* 01:00 in Port Vila
* 24:00 in Sydney
* 23:00 in Seoul and Tokio
* 22:00 in Beijing
* 21:00 in Bangkok
* 19:30 in New Delhi
* 17:00 in Helsinki, Moscow, Haifa
* 16:00 in Paris, Brussels, Warsaw, Johannesburg, Karlsruhe, Vienna
* 15:00 in London, Lisbon
* 14:00 in Dakar, Reykjavík
* 13:00 in Praia
* 12:00 in Nuuk
* 11:30 in St. John's
* 11:00 in Brasília
* 10:00 in Toronto, Port-au-Prince
* 09:00 in Mexico City, Bogotá
* 08:00 in Guatemala City
* 04:00 in Honululu

I'm kind of excited: The GRCon team did, in my opinion, an incredible
job at coordinating a fascinating programme, and making it possible to
access all that. You can thank them by showing up!

See you then,

[3] Monday September 14th - https://youtu.be/o0Q99JYW8Mg
Tuesday September 15th - https://youtu.be/sFqIkXxhc14
Wednesday September 16th - https://youtu.be/YOT8U5K4wbk
Thursday September 17th - https://youtu.be/RTio6xMka2o
[4] https://chat.gnuradio.org
[5] https://chat.gnuradio.org/#/group/+grcon:gnuradio.org
[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZUWmGQrbBQ

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