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Having problems using forecast method

From: George Edwards
Subject: Having problems using forecast method
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2021 14:44:21 -0500

Good afternoon GNURadio community!

I am having a problem using the forecast method in my OOT model. 

In my model, I have one input port and one output port with streaming data. My signal processing algorithm converts every M input samples into N output samples where the ratio of M to N is a floating point number, so I cannot use the sync  block (if M=N) nor the interpolator or decimator OOT blocks.  

I am forced to use the general or basic block which has the forecast method where one has to inform the Scheduler of the relationship between the input and output samples.

In the forecast method, I set up the relationship as:
ninput_items_required[i] = noutput_items*M/N
which is the precise relationship. However, on running the QA test I cannot get the OOT module to work properly.

Will appreciate any suggestions!


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