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Re: Undefined symbol _ZN2gr12msg_accepter4postEN5boost13intrusive_ptrIN3

From: John Coppens
Subject: Re: Undefined symbol _ZN2gr12msg_accepter4postEN5boost13intrusive_ptrIN3pmt8pmt_baseEEES5_
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 18:15:55 -0300

On Mon, 8 Nov 2021 16:28:30 +0100
Marcus Müller <mmueller@gnuradio.org> wrote:

> Hi John,
> as discussed on chat: this happens if, and only if, you're linking at
> build time to a different library than your runtime shared library
> loader finds.
> The fix is simple: make sure you've *not* got two versions of GNU
> Radio around, one of which your linker finds during building of
> gr-osmosdr, and a different one your ld.so finds.
> Best regards,
> Marcus

Yes, Marcus... I am certainly not an expert, and I've used C++ only
sporadically. Still, this must be the first time that I haven't solved
a compilation problem on my own (after 25+ years of linux).
I'm not a frequent IRC visitor, for the same reason.

I can't find any obvious mixup between versions. In each case I
carefully looked for old version laying around, checked */cmake
directories and */pkgconfig dirs for possible confusion.

The only issue I detected was about the fact that there were both
-gr38 (which is version 0.2.0) and real -0.2.0 versions to be found
on the 'net.

Please have a look at my reply to Vasil, and I'd really appreciate
pointers to where I went wrong.


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