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newsched (GR4 proposed runtime) v0.1.0 Released

From: Josh Morman
Subject: newsched (GR4 proposed runtime) v0.1.0 Released
Date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 13:31:50 -0500

Hello GR Community!

It has finally come time to put out a newsched release - up to this point the codebase has been rapidly evolving, but has converged on a set of core features as of recently.


Newsched is the proof of concept framework for a future GNU Radio 4.0

Core Features

Detailed documentation can be found here

With this release of newsched, you can easily create your own blocks, custom buffers, and even your own scheduler if you are so inclined

Special thanks to Bastian Bloessl and Marcus Müller for leading the effort to architect the runtime and provide guidance as to the design decisions

Also want to acknowledge the Scheduler Working Group who have consulted and provided feedback and ideas on a regular basis about design decisions. I apologize if I have left anyone out here, but another special thanks to: Seth Hitefield, Jeff Long, David Sorber, Mike Piscopo, Jacob Gilbert, Marc Lichtman, Philip Balister, Jim Kulp, Wylie Standage, Garrett Vanhoy, John Sallay, and all the people associated with with the DARPA DSSoC program that shared their research giving valuable insight.

Please reach out to me here or on chat.gnuradio.org - #scheduler room if you have any questions or would like to get involved


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