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回复: How to configure the TensorFlow environment so that it can be used o

From: 能书能言
Subject: 回复: How to configure the TensorFlow environment so that it can be used on gnuradio?
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 21:24:56 +0800

Thank you very much for your kind reply. I have successfully installed TensorFlow according to the URL. My question is where is it installed?
Because in addition to "import tensorflow as tf", my original Python file also includes "import util_model", where "util_model" is in another .py file util_model.py that I wrote myself, I copied the "util_model.py" file directly to the /python directory When I was building my OOT module , there was no error in the process of writing the program, but when I installed my OOT module into GNURadio and run the test flow graph, the terminal prompts an error: NO module named'util_model'
How should I use my ‘util_model.py’ file so that the gnuradio environment can find it? I now know that I can’t just put it under the gr_oot/python folder

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To be able to use TensorFlow in GNU Radio you just have to install TensorFlow according to the following instruction: 
Then just import the module and play with it.
Does it help?

śr., 24 lis 2021 o 08:49 能书能言 <2127629883@qq.com> napisał(a):
Hello everyone,
I recently want to implement a Python version of the OOT module on GNURadio, so that it can run the TensorFlow framework, because my original code is written in Python, so I wonder if I can directly create a Python OOT module to make it work properly . But i have a problem.
My original code uses the environment configured by miniConda, but when I use GNURadio, TensorFlow does not exist in my environment, that is to say, "no module named tensorflow" will be displayed when I run the GRC flow graph. I should How to install TensorFlow framework in gnuradio? Do I need to reinstall GNURadio? (That's too bad) I don't know how to do it. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any information i would be very grateful!

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