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Future goals?

From: Georgios Rizell Dimitroglou
Subject: Future goals?
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 18:07:35 +0100

Hi everyone,

I don't think the GNUstep project should have to make sacrifices just to
gain more acceptance. One of the powers of GNU-project is that we're not
depending on the public's opinion. If you just produce a damn good thing
without compromising (even though it may take some time), the public
hopefully will accept it.

But there are some things that I think would make GNUstep more interesting
to many users. These are the goals I believe are the most imporant ones
right now.

1) Making it feel right. As long as the interaction with the user isn't
working without flaws, noone is going to be able to see the power
OO-programming and ObjC. The only thing a user cares about is how things
feel and look. We need a 100% working gui system (XGPS or DPS).

2) A complete desktop environment. We need a window manager which handles
GNUstep apps correctly, WindowMaker doesn't (and the development of
WindowMaker seems stalled). A terminal emulator would be nice to, anyone
working on VT100.app? GWorkspace is a good application and would work as the
core-piece of the environment. But, it needs integration with the
windowmanager (the dock, for example). GNUstep apps must fit perfectly into
the X-windows desktop.

3) Some user apps. A mailer (whatever happened to that mail-app for
GNUstep?), an editor (Ink.app..), an imageviewer (being worked on) And
perhaps something else?

And when all this exists, then it's time to make GNUStep 100% OpenStep

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