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Re: Idea

From: vinny
Subject: Re: Idea
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 17:04:32 +0530

>From what I have been seeing, does it really pay to rwerite WM ?. However
much it tries to emulate *step,
I think it should be allowed to evolve in its own way , atleast till core
1.0 is released and distros like RedHat
and Debian package GNUstep as part of their distro and not as a power tool.
But yes, I think tighter integration
between step and wm is needed and can be achieved.


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Sent: Friday, January 05, 2001 10:02 PM
Subject: RE: Idea

> vinodh -
> please also note that while cooperative, the GNUstep and WindowMaker
> projects are separate entities (unfortunately).  i am sure that many
> out there have considered, as i have, rewriting WM to use GNUstep instead
> the WINGs library...which simply wants to be GNUstep anyways <grin>.
> perhaps we could get this, too, rolling in some way/shape/form?  i've been
> fiddling around with the wm source for about 2 months scheming and kniving
> about how to go through with it...plus i've got so much on my platter
> already...
> what does everyone think?
> @end
> -ian

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