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Re: Some thoughts about GS

From: Gregory Casamento
Subject: Re: Some thoughts about GS
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 12:37:16 -0800 (PST)

--- Marco Scheurer <address@hidden> wrote:
> Please allow me to offer some random thoughts and comments, even if I've  
> only been an observer of GNUstep, and never contributed anything.
> A few months ago, I was thinking along the same lines as Phil. That KDE  
> and Gnome, however ugly, exist, have applications, a big following, and so  
> on, so it could be nice to somehow be able to use say GNUstep and Gnome  
> together to develop Linux desktop  apps. Now I'm not so sure.

There is no reason why GNUstep based apps cannot run alongside GNOME apps.
> I think that GNUstep could pick up what Apple let down: cross-platform  
> development. I'm definitely not a fan of Windows, but the possibility of  
> recompiling your apps on Windows (and have them look like Windows apps)  
> could be a "killer feature", something likely to attract developers.

Very true.
> Another killer app for GNUstep would of course be the GNUstepWeb / EOF  
> clone combo. I know about the issues with that.
> About the barrier of Objective C. As much as I like Objective C (and I  
> like it a lot!) I have to agree with those who do not like to be forced to  
> use one language or another. After all, I hate being forced to use Java. It  
> would be nice if GNUstep could attain some kind of language neutrality, or  
> offer bindings for Java, Smalltalk, LISP, Python... Something like the  
> promises made by .NET / C# .

Currently GNUstep offers bindings for Java (JIGS), Smalltalk (I believe), and
> Last, we could ask ourselves if some of the moves made by Apple would not  
> be appropriate for GNUstep as well. I'm thinking about CoreFoundation and  
> CoreGraphics and dropping DPS...

Apple dropped DPS almost purely due to licensing issues.   Quartz (aka Display
PDF) is a subset of display postscript.  
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