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Re: Reasons for a GStep windowmanager

From: Philippe C . D . Robert
Subject: Re: Reasons for a GStep windowmanager
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 17:16:00 +0100

Dan Pascu <address@hidden> wrote (Sun, 7 Jan 2001 17:16:21 +0200 (EET)):
> the reasoning put behind this discussion. Things like "wmaker doesn't
> provide this, doesn't provide that, doesn't allow me to switch off dock
> at runtime, ..." when in fact it does provide all of the things I saw
> put as reasons for a bad interaction and the need of a new window
> manager. Maybe not in a perfect way and I also know that there are
> things that are completely missing at the moment, but hey, its not at
> the final version.

Uhm...are things now completely missing or does WM provide all of the things 
you saw put as reasons for a bad interaction?

> Nobody came in and said "this feature in wmaker is not working as it
> should, let's improve it". The tone was: "its doesn't have this, that
> and that. trash it and make another".

Who said "let's trash WindowMaker"? AFAIK nobody... 

> how much it hurts feelings. Making a gnustep-only window manager means
> a window manager that none uses at this point. You have no right to ask
> us to drop all the things our current users use right now, just to give
> more time on things that some uncertain users may use at some uncertain
> time in the future.

Did I ask you to do so? I am not aware of that.

cheers, Phil - now definitly out of this thread.
Philippe C.D. Robert | http://www.nice.ch/~phip/

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