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Webscript for GS (Was: Re: Smalltalk for GS )

From: Yann Le Guen
Subject: Webscript for GS (Was: Re: Smalltalk for GS )
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 10:35:16 +0100
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Hi All,

I've not bee very productive on this list for months, execpt to get my gstep config up-to-date... sorry.
Anyway, I jump in here as I read some "extras" regarding the main subject of Phil's *Some thoughts about GS* discussion, ex:

> Christian Edward Gruber wrote:
> As nice as this is, I'd personally rather have WebScript for GS.  I found it
> to be a very easy and powerful prototyping language.

> someone else (I don't even remember who... sorry) wrote:
> > Another killer app for GNUstep would of course be the GNUstepWeb / EOF
> > clone combo. I know about the issues with that.

Well I just would let you know, few weeks ago I did start to build up a "GSWebBuilder.app" project ;-). Within couple or three weeks I'm going to put some pages on line to introduce it, stay tuned ;-)

I've already get connected with Manuel Guesdon "Mr. GSWeb" and Phil C.D. Robert "Mr. ProjectCenter". Even if this doesn't resolve the gstep "WM question" I hope this will help to make gstep a bit more attractive...

I just hate to be obliged to use Java (... ;-)), so GsWebBuilder will be written in ObjC of course !

Happy new year to yoo all, Yann
Yann Le Guen    <address@hidden>
gsm:            06 86 67 86 86

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