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so now what?

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: so now what?
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 15:26:15 -0600

all -

i feel slightly guilty for not being part of what seems to be the most
active discussion on this list in quite some time - especially since i feel
like the guilty party for opening up my mouth about my thoughts for a pure
GNUstep window manager. :-(

fortunately, i think we can tell from the barage of mail that the GNUstep
community is most certainly teeming with at least a small number of avid
developers that love GNUstep as much as (from my POV) i do.  however, we
also (naturally) have wide ranging views on what direction we should take in
hopes of bringing GNUstep to the forefront of the *nix world, much as GNOME
<twitch> and KDE have done.  we all agree that we need apps badly, because
it's a fact.  scores of us are working on at least one or two, and just as
many are working on ones that we have not announced for many reasons.  the
idea of a pure GNUstep window manager seems to have been shot down and
kicked in the throat, but then picked up & cleaned off for a possible future
project that holds it's place in a long line of more urgently needed
apps/tools/utilities.  am i right?  that's how i read the discussion -
please correct me if i'm wrong.

and i agree.  even as the schmo that's been tinkering with the idea for
months, i really do.

nobody commented on another idea that i proposed earlier, which i think is
more pertinent to the issue at hand & may help us out a wee bit in the long
run:  a central site for GNUstep project info, where we can have a running
list of current project info/versions/status, downloads, etc.  this is also
where we could moderate the urgency of projects, either via a public voting
interface, or as a result of what comes out of our discussions here on the
regular ol' lists.  perhaps dev.gnustep.org?  i personally don't have the
resources to host it, but i think we could benefit from such a thing...

just a thought.

half-serious-ps : is there any chance that we could get a nice, juicy
corporate sponsor to put us all to work full-time on GNUstep? :-)  miguel de
icaza doesn't exactly do his GNOME work for free anymore does he?  or am i
wrong here?  perhaps we should take *THAT* part of GNOME & figure out how to
apply it to our situation...<big cheezy grin>...


Ian Mondragon
System Engineer
Bank of America [Chicago]       address@hidden

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