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Re: so now what?

From: Christian Edward Gruber
Subject: Re: so now what?
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 18:19:00 -0500

One way to get some tie in to the budding MacOSX community, would be to
approach scott anguish to discuss adding GNUstep as a platform to the
SoftTrak software tracking database.  If nothing else, it'll inform a
community with access to Objective-C dev environments of the existence of
GNUstep, and may fulfill the role of more frequent announcements of
GNUstep-related happenings.

It'll also allow for nice tracking of software which can be compiled for

Scott may also be convinced to offer the occasional ad spot on the stepwise
site for GNUstep.

Lastly, the better GORM/ProjectCentre is, the more apps can/will be created,
so as much effort that can be put into those, the better.  This would
include testing, etc.


P.S.  If my startup options amount to anything, I hope oneday not too far
off to hire developers to do GNUstep work, but that's vapour-ware until I
have the cash. -cg

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Sent: Monday, January 08, 2001 4:26 PM
Subject: so now what?

> all -
> i feel slightly guilty for not being part of what seems to be the most
> active discussion on this list in quite some time - especially since i
> like the guilty party for opening up my mouth about my thoughts for a pure
> GNUstep window manager. :-(
> fortunately, i think we can tell from the barage of mail that the GNUstep
> community is most certainly teeming with at least a small number of avid
> developers that love GNUstep as much as (from my POV) i do.  however, we
> also (naturally) have wide ranging views on what direction we should take
> hopes of bringing GNUstep to the forefront of the *nix world, much as
> <twitch> and KDE have done.  we all agree that we need apps badly, because
> it's a fact.  scores of us are working on at least one or two, and just as
> many are working on ones that we have not announced for many reasons.  the
> idea of a pure GNUstep window manager seems to have been shot down and
> kicked in the throat, but then picked up & cleaned off for a possible
> project that holds it's place in a long line of more urgently needed
> apps/tools/utilities.  am i right?  that's how i read the discussion -
> please correct me if i'm wrong.
> and i agree.  even as the schmo that's been tinkering with the idea for
> months, i really do.
> nobody commented on another idea that i proposed earlier, which i think is
> more pertinent to the issue at hand & may help us out a wee bit in the
> run:  a central site for GNUstep project info, where we can have a running
> list of current project info/versions/status, downloads, etc.  this is
> where we could moderate the urgency of projects, either via a public
> interface, or as a result of what comes out of our discussions here on the
> regular ol' lists.  perhaps dev.gnustep.org?  i personally don't have the
> resources to host it, but i think we could benefit from such a thing...
> just a thought.
> half-serious-ps : is there any chance that we could get a nice, juicy
> corporate sponsor to put us all to work full-time on GNUstep? :-)  miguel
> icaza doesn't exactly do his GNOME work for free anymore does he?  or am i
> wrong here?  perhaps we should take *THAT* part of GNOME & figure out how
> apply it to our situation...<big cheezy grin>...
> @end
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