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Re: Flattened GNUstep structure?

From: Frederic
Subject: Re: Flattened GNUstep structure?
Date: Mon, 08 Jan 2001 23:07:31 +0100

Adam Fedor wrote:
> Before I start making a lot of RPMs and other distributions, I want to
> ask for advice on the default layout of the GNUstep directory structure.
> Richard recently implemented a flattened structure (without the
> cpu/os/library-combo directories) due to several complaints about the
> difficulty of finding files in such a deep directory structure.
> To-date he hasn't received any feedback about it. The question is, if we
> are trying to attract new developers/new users, what whould be the most
> useful directory layout for them (deep or flattened)?

I don't have particular opinion about structure but I tried it for
testing purpose.
Here are the results:
1. configure: no problem
2. build no problem
3. with my own project, which relies on a set of libraries, build is OK
but runtime fails with an error I did not used to get:

address@hidden Source]$ openapp ./AnimationSculptor.debug/
error in loading shared libraries: libASFeatureModeler_d.so.0: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory

It seems to be related to either openapp or ld_lib_path.sh. A problem
with definition of LD_LIBRARY_PATH?

Nevertheless, if I install the project, it works nicely.

Regards, Frederic

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