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Re: A little help for GWorkspace

From: Enrico Sersale
Subject: Re: A little help for GWorkspace
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 02:12:57 +0200 (EET)

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Jeff Macht wrote:

> At 08:12 PM 1/11/01 +0200, you wrote:
> >1)
> >I need a solution to get GWorkspace informed about the file system
> >changes happened consequently to external actions (bash commands, files
> >coming with ftp, tmp files, etc...).
> I would suggest only checking the actual directory which is selected.
> Columns further up in the heirarchy should not need to be updated since you
> cannot perform any actions on the listings there without selecting a file
> or directory in that column.  So, there would be one 'check' per window.
> ...

I think that checking only the selected directory is not a good
solution; consider these two examples:

If the path of the last column of the browser is, for example,
"/home/enrico/Grivei/sviluppo/FileManagers/Gworkspace" and you delete or
move to an other location "/home/enrico/Grivei/sviluppo", the viewer must
cut the columns at "/home/enrico/Grivei/".

As on openstep, you can view the contents of an app wrapper, let's say
"/usr/GNUstep/Local/Apps/ProjectCenter.app", only if you
choose "Open as Folder" from the "File" menu. (or alt->double-click on
the icon).

This creates a new viewer window in which, the first column of the browser 
is /usr/GNUstep/Local/Apps/ProjectCenter.app.

Now, if you delete from a terminal this directory or one of its parents,
the new viewer window must close.

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