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Re: Misc. comments

From: Malmberg
Subject: Re: Misc. comments
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 01:06:22 +0100

> For me, the problem is not the widgets (although it would be nice to have
> scaled widgets)...it's the _text_. When I specify 72 point text in a font
> panel, I get 72-pixel-high text, not 101-pixel-high text like I should be
> seeing. GNUstep seems to be using the pixel size field of XLFD instead of the
> decipoint field.

True. I've been able to fix this (combined some really ugly hacks to get
the font cacher to accept TrueType fonts from xfstt), and it makes
things a lot nicer. There are still a lot of widgets that don't check
the size of the font when deciding their own size, though, so a lot of
things look really bad. Even if the backend is supposed to scale
everything, I really think the widgets should use the character sizes
instead of hard-coded constants (would help make things look good until
everything is properly scaled, and it would handle fonts not being the
same pixel size for the same point size).

- Alexander Malmberg

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