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Re: SharedX ?

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: Re: SharedX ?
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001 09:38:00 -0700

"Philippe C.D. Robert" wrote:
>     XGContext *context = (XGContext *)[XGContext currentContext];
>     gswindow_device_t *wdev = [XGContext _windowWithTag:[win windowNumber]];
>     /*
>      * Required info to get a visual
>      */
>     dpy = [context xDisplay];
>     drawable = (*wget).buffer;
>     xScreen = (*wdev).screen;

Hopefully you can get these things without resorting to backend
functions, since it's really not set up for that and I don't have time
to fix it.
You can get the display from the DPS operator  DPScurrentserverdevice():

DPScurrentserverdevice (GSCurrentContext(), &dpy_ptr); dpy = *dpy_ptr;

DPScurrentwindowdevice() will return the window, but not the backing
store. I don't think
there is currently something to do that. Perhaps it should return the
backing store instead?

and you can probably get the screen this way:

xScreen = [[[[win screen] deviceDescription] objectForKey:
@"NSScreenNumber"] intValue];

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