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[Q] App Icon...

From: Sungjin Chun
Subject: [Q] App Icon...
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 00:38:43 +0900


I have some time to read xgps source and found that 
gnustep creates its own appicon. But WindowMaker does
not treat it as app icon and cause some trouble. Is there
any method for letting WindowMaker knows gnustep's
app icon should be treated as app icon not just a simple
window? I think setting some window attribute to gnustep's
app icon can solve this problem. Any good idea?

Thanks in advance.

I, currently trying to "fix" gnustep-gui part
so that my friend think that it works but has some
more effort to implement great features. Current state is
, to me, not bad, but my friend thinks that it's totally
unusable library, because it simply looks bad, like appicon
problem, focus problem( this, I changed WMaker code
not to treat GNUstep App specially, yes, I know this is not
good fix, but anyway focus problem seems be fixed to me :-)
Most of my friends who are interested in GNUstep uses WMaker
only. Because with other desktop env., or window manager,
current look and feel of GNUstep App simply inconsistent. And
they like WMaker and GNUstep App's look'n feel.

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