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RE: A killer app?

From: ian . mondragon
Subject: RE: A killer app?
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 15:25:43 -0600

>Let's look at the Unix tools and invent graphical equivalents ( <- is
>that english?)
>Build a graphical awk, groff, less, split, join and more
>This would mean no single killer app, but a killer environment. There
>are ofcourse some things that need to be solved like:
>How to pipe stuff from one to another command ?
>How to select all options and how to interface things right ?

i agree for the most part.  while i feel that a "killer app" would be a
great plug to get everyone to install GNUstep on thier systems, these things
tend to take a horrid amount of time, effort and coordination.  and look at
what that's done to mozilla <grin>.  i've been doing pretty much just this -
slowly piecing together smaller, more usefull tools that just about
everybody could/would want to use.  and they're not exactly new concepts by
any stretch of the imagination...a user manager app, a terminal preferences
pseudo-app (*NOT* a new terminal), a host manager app, an app that utilizes
the GNUstepDefaults in an attempt at replacing the overwhelming amount of
.rc and .conf files floating aroung the *nix variants...

nothing exactly mind boggling.  what we need is utility.  one of the reasons
that the GNOME and KDE *environments* are enjoying such success is that they
group together the usefull things that users need in a common place like
this.  we just need to do the same.  then maybe we can all come together and
work on something that would deliver a GNUstep environment (in it's truest
sense) to the end-user...and possibly get, say, $15 MILLION investments
every once in a while *cough*ximian*cough*.

>That means not creating the next NeXT or MacOS but to create the
>environment that is new.

i don't think anybody *really* wants clone NeXT in an absolute sense.  the
thing is that NeXT did a whole lot of things right...and that's what we want
to do too (i'm pretty sure i can speak for most of us on that one).


- ian mondragon

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