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Re: GNUstep download section

From: Jeff Teunissen
Subject: Re: GNUstep download section
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 08:15:33 -0500

Paul Seelig wrote:
> address@hidden (H.-R. Oberhage) writes:
> > How about some debs in addition to rpms? Or is no-one using
> > Debian here?
> I do.

As do I.

> > There is someone maintaining the Debian packages
> > of GNUstep, I'd have to look up the name.
> This used to be Matthias Klose <address@hidden> but he orphaned the
> GNUstep packages after offering them for adoption.  Unfortunately
> there was nobody either interested or capable of taking them over.
> Although being already a Debian maintainer myself (minor though) i
> didn't feel capable and dedicated enough to take them over.  I tried
> building the Debian GNUstep packages myself before and had a hard time
> with it.  GNUstep is far too complicated to build for my humble
> abilities.  Being more a user than a developer of free software,
> GNUstep just doesn't fill any software need for me.  Sorry folks, but
> why should a non-developer user want to run GNUstep anyway?

I'm fairly competent in both Debian packaging and GNUstep compilation, but at
the same time I use a different, Policy-violating, scheme[1] for my own
system, so I wouldn't actually be using my own packages.

In addition, to do the job right, you would really want to have all GNUstep
packages (or at least the non-core app packages and their attendant libraries)
available for all archs, because it's possible for (as an example) an App
wrapper to have multiple architectures represented.

[1]:  To get a more sane build and work environment, I pass --with-prefix=/
and --enable-flattened to the configure script. This results in /System,
/Network, and /Local directories, where all of the nice stuff resides.

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