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Re: GNUstep Package Re-org (Was: GNUstep download section)

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: GNUstep Package Re-org (Was: GNUstep download section)
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 13:33:48 +0100

Jonathan Gapen wrote:
>     * Yet-Another-Package:  Create another, simple package that simply
> sets up the GNUstep directory structure, and sets up config.site.  This
> eliminates the chicken-and-egg problem of wanting to install libobjc,
> special gcc, libtiff, and/or etc. in the GNUstep directory structure,
> but needing to install gnustep-make first, which in turn needs these
> things.  In the future, this package could act as a catch-all for steps
> needed to prepare a system for GNUstep.

Agreed ! Probably gstep-env ...

>     * Turn gnustep-base and gnustep-gui into simple framework projects.

I don't like frameworks ;-)

> gnustep-prep -> nada!
> gnustep-make -> gnustep-prep
> gnustep-base -> gnustep-make, libobjc
> gnustep-xgps -> gnustep-base, libtiff, libwraster, libpng, libjpeg, etc.
> gnustep-gui  -> gnustep-base, gnustep-xgps, libtiff, libwraster
>     How does that sound?

This is for a development-tree. For binary pkgs you don't need to
require gnustep-make at all !

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