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Re: A killer app?

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: A killer app?
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2001 15:32:10 +0000 (GMT)

> > I have taken a few OpenStep applications and *just compiled* them using
> > GNUstep. The biggest problem is not the code, but the nib files.  I've got a
> > version of FreeSpace almost working.   The only reason I haven't released 
> > it is
> > 1) I don't feel it's ready since I haven't finished the nibs for it 2) I 
> > don't
> > have a great deal of spare time and 3) I've got a few other things I'm doing
> > for GNUstep which are more important.
> Ok. I guessed that .nib's are on of the biggest problems. Wasn't there a
> nib2gmodel which could convert the models to GNUstep ?

Quick answer - we have the tool, but it doesn't work 100% - it requires
you to manually edit the resulting gmodel to have something good - and -
what really worries me - for some reasons (which I detailed in some old
post on the list, so it should be somewhere in the mailing list archives)
I think it will never work 100% and it will always require editing the
resulting gmodel.

It's also difficult for me (and others) to work on it, since I (others)
don't have an apple computer nor ever had one.  

Editing the gmodel would not be such a huge problem if we could do it
visually, ie if we had finished Gorm (and if someone had added gmodel
support into Gorm - but that shouldn't be difficult at least for opening
gmodel files).

So - the solution in all senses is Gorm - with Gorm, for applications with
simple UI you could even just build the UI from scratch again in Gorm.

Or - you could use nib2gmodel to do a quick conversion to gmodel, then
open the gmodel in Gorm, and retouch/fix it visually - which makes much
more sense than editing a gmodel by hand - then saving it as a gnustep
native nib.

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