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core packages decoupled - CVS unstable

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: core packages decoupled - CVS unstable
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 19:34:01 +0000 (GMT)

The core packages have been decoupled.

This is likely to be unstable/experimental for while - so if you are
worried about stability, you may want to wait a couple of days before
installing the new stuff from CVS.

When you do - please make sure you reconfigure, recompile and reinstall
everything from scratch.

Compiling the core package as a single huge package is now unsupported -
it could still compile and run - but I'm not sure - the policy is now that
you need to configure, make and make install each package independently -
first gnustep-make, then gnustep-base, gnustep-gui and gnustep-xgps.

You don't need to have graphical libraries such as libwraster to
configure/compile/install gnustep-make or gnustep-base (or gnustep-gui).  
They are only needed when you configure the backend.  In a similar way,
you can install libxml (needed by the make library) *after* gnustep-make
without needing to reconfigure gnustep-make.

The only exception is libobjc - after installing it, you need to
reconfigure gnustep-make.  This problem would not exist if the compiler
shipped with distributions would include the new fixed shared libobjc. :-)

The hassle of having to run configure and make more times when building by
hand should be widely compensated by the fact that building and
maintaining packages is now/should now be much easier.

In particular:

 Changes in libraries configurations should affect locally only the 
  libraries.  For example, adding/removing a new library to xgps should
  not require us to touch the gnustep make package.  That makes things
  simpler.  From a user point of view, it means you will have to
  reconfigure/reinstall the gnustep make package much less often.

 RPMs make much more sense now - for example you can now install RPMs 
  for libobjc, make and base library and then download only gui/xgps from
  CVS, and configure/compile/play with the graphical stuff from CVS on
  your machine.

 It should now be reasonably easier to package the libraries into DEBs.
  Since now every library is a little package in itself, it should not be 
  any more than difficult than packaging any other library out on the net.

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