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Re: Current CVS problem

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: Current CVS problem
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 11:37:34 +0000 (GMT)

> Current CVS has problem; It defines FAKE_MAIN
> because it cannot compile objc runtime test program
> which is caused by NXConstString class. And when 
> compiling gui/Tools it does not link xml and ssl library
> and so, FAILs to compile.

I can't reproduce it - 

- can you please make sure you *remove* totally any previously installed
gnustep stuff and start again from total scratch.  It is also advised to
run `make distclean' in all your gnustep sources before running configure.

- can you please make sure you compile *each* package separately - you
need to:

 (1) optional/recommended: install libobjc from RPM as the first step, or 
     install it by hand with the following procedure:

  - configure/compile/install gnustep-make {will configure itself using 
    the standard libobjc on your system}

  - compile/install libobjc (sources from ftp.gnustep.org)

  - then make distclean in gnustep-make because you need to
    reconfigure/compile/install it again {so it configures itself to use
    the libobjc you just installed}

  (2) configure/compile/install gnustep-make

  (3) configure/compile/install gnustep-base

  (4) configure/compile/install gnustep-gui

  (5) configure/compile/install gnustep-xgps

 (in that order and you need to install each package before you can
configure/compile the next one).

Configuring/compiling from the top level does not work any longer.  We'll
update the doc soon.

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