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Re: compile-all script

From: Nicola Pero
Subject: Re: compile-all script
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 23:33:43 +0000 (GMT)

    Thorano> I have just a little suggestion with the compile-all
    Thorano> script.  We should add an option to allow installation
    Thorano> without being root.  

Ahm - the compile-all was really meant just a temporary script for
lazy people - I thought most people interested in CVS sources wouldn't
mind typing make four times - anyway - these things go at users'
request - if you find it useful and want to improve it - why not -
patches welcome.

    Thorano> Maybe we should add in the GNUstep-Howto the very simple
    Thorano> instructions to permit installation without being root
    Thorano> (uncomment the last line of base/Tools/gdomap.h).

If you want to add instructions to permit installation without being
root, that's an excellent idea - if you send them I/Adam/whoever will
be pleased to add them to the GNUstep-Howto.

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