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Re: building gnustep-base on OSX

From: Helge Hess
Subject: Re: building gnustep-base on OSX
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 18:54:55 +0100


Jason Jobe wrote:
> Hey, I've been developing NeXTStep/Openstep/MacOSX almost from the beginning 
> and I am very excited about have a cross-platform solution. Of particular 
> interest is getting EOF.

Note that GNUstep EOF (GDL) is EOF 1.x, which is different from the EOF
3/4 which you might know from WebObjects.

> My current platform of choice is OSX and I've been trying to get the gnustep 
> packages built therein. To date with no success.

Major problem: there is no FSF gcc for OSX yet. I'm not sure how
difficult it is to get gstep-base compiling with the NeXT

> Has anyone does this? What configuration should I use? I've tried 
> powerpc-apple-macos10 and -osx.

You should use the triple configure automatically detects. You might
need to update all GNUstep config.guess/config.sub files from the ones
coming in /usr/libexec/.

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